Safe Reactive Targets 3 easy steps

1. Your Range Bomb probably looks like the one in the picture below (fig. 1). Hold the top of the Range Bomb in your hand and then bounce the bottom of the target on something solid like the ground or a table. The idea is to consolidate the powder in the bottom of the target. When the Range Bomb is two inches wide at the bottom, (fig. 2), it's ready to shoot!

fig. 1

fig. 2

2. Hang or suspend the Range Bomb as shown below (fig. 3)


fig. 3
The Range Bomb gives the BEST results when these instructions are followed. We don't recommend
letting the Range Bomb sit on the ground or rest against a solid object. Be sure to provide plenty of space
behind the Range Bomb to allow the powder cloud to develop.

The Range Bomb produces excellent reactions even after taking multiple hits. As the Range Bomb is
shot, powder is released, so aim lower because the powder tends to fall to the bottom of the bag. Keep
shooting at the Range Bomb until the powder is gone! Practice common sense gun safety. Make sure
you know where your bullets are landing.


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